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Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor game demo

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor
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Title : Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor
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Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor is a real time strategy video game stand alone expansion pack to Company of Heroes. It was announced on November 3, 2008 and was released on April 9, 2009.

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Tales of Valor includes new units, additional maps and further multiplayer modes, such as 'Stonewall', where the player commands a small number of troops against waves of increasingly difficult enemies, and a feature called "direct-fire", where the player 'Points and shoots' (seen in Soldiers: Heroes of WWII, Faces of War and Men of War).


    * The first episode "Tiger Ace" follows Tiger Tank Ace Hauptmann Voss's 101st Tigergruppe as they fight the unsuspecting convoy of the famous "Desert Rats" of the British 7th Armored Division. The campaign opens with the first deployment of Hauptmann Voss' crew to the eastern front.With him are Radio Operator Deiter Berndt, Driver Luz Schroif, Loader Alfred Litzke, and Gunner Joseph Shultz. It wasn't until the spring of 1944 when they are redeployed to the Western Front, particularly France. After directing the bulk of his panzers to point 213, the "Stahlvormund" experienced engine trouble, when suddenly Voss gathered his attention on the advancing British column.
Images from the content : Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor : Game detail
During this three-episode you take the role of Voss, the Commanding officer of Hauptmann Wolfgang Berger in the German Campaign of the previous CoH Opposing Fronts.

Villers-Bocage: Birth of the Legend

The Campaign starts off with your Tiger experiencing engine problems, as you make your way through the fields to your rendezvous in point 213 you encounter a British convoy. destroying the convoy you are tasked in routing the remaining British forces, with increasing engine difficulty. once you destroy the enemy vehicles in town your Tiger suddenly gets surrounded by enemy forces and an AT-Gun appears from the alleyways and disable the Tiger by destroying the treads.

Retreat from Villers-Bocage

Voss, against the wills of the gunner orders everyone to abandon the tiger. using the side roads and avoiding the British force, they manage to destroy British emplacement using their radio (If the player wishes to achieve the medal award) and escape to the rendezvous point 213.
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An Ace Reborn

A day later, the crew returns in a new Tiger tank in order to regain their honor and recover their Tiger. Battling the entrenched British forces, they are supported by Panzergrenadiers and another elite Tiger. Once they take over the town and determining on the players action, Berndt radioed the Division HQ that the town of Villers-Bocage is now secure. The campaign ends with Shultz promoted to Hauptmann to command the 502 Tigergruppe, in which Shultz and his forces were annihilated by the advancing Americans at Autry (Lt. Conti's Able Company). Whereas, in September, the remnants of the Panzer Lehr Division (Kampfgruppe Lehr in CoH Opposing Fronts) were redeployed to Holland to counter the allies in their Operation Market Garden with Voss taking command, being promoted to the rank of Majorgeneral. Voss realized that in the end, the fatherland had indeed fell apart, bringing end to the once glorious struggle.

          o Tiger Ace is based heavily on the actions of Michael Wittmann, a German tank commander who, in command of a Tiger Tank at the Battle of Villers-Bocage, found himself attacked by the 7th and, in turn, crippled them. Tiger Ace follows the disputed Nazi account of the battle, wherein Wittmann was credited with nearly 30 kills before being forced to abandon his tank, only to return shortly later in a new Tiger to finish the battle. Historical records dispute his return to the actual battle, but, nevertheless, he is credited with nearly 30 kills from the actual battle, making the game version very nearly realistic.

    * The second episode "Causeway" follows a company of paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division in the hours after the D-Day landings near the La Fiere causeway.
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Cauquiny: Drop on The Causeway

This story follows two squads, Able squad and Baker squad of the 505th PIR, they are tasked in holding the causeway from Omaha Beach for the 8th Armoured Division. The first episode tasks the player in regrouping the two squads and moving towards La Fiere Manor and chef du pont and capturing this part of the, causeway the 508th PIR are supposed to hold cauquqiny but fail to do so and retreat(Medal:find the lost paras look behind wilsons squad when they are landing and you will see paratroopers landing go in that direction and get them).

Fighting on Cauquqiny

    * The 2nd episode the two squads are tasked with re-capturing the other side of the causeway that's been taken back by a extremely large panzer company, after holding the town against ever increasing reinforcements, the Axis forces send in the brunt of Panzers to overtake the town. In order to give the squads more time, the Able squad leader SGT Wilson makes a last stand, killing dozens of Germans with his Thompson submachine gun before being killed by a Panzer IV machine gun and being run over the Germans try to retake chef du pont but are beaten back by the 505th,508th and a advanced patrol of the 507th (note:if you lose your 57mm AT gun in cauquiqny you get two men of the 507th armed with m-18 recoiless rifles because the 505th have nothing to defend with against tanks in cauquiqiny if you lose the AT gun and because wilson says bring up the 507th) . By nightfall, Craft orders the paratroopers to move in at dawn as time runs out that they have to clear the causeway of German defenders(Medal: destroy armored spearhead) .

The Grey Castle

    * The final episode takes on the remaining paratroopers make a dash to recapture the town, crossing the causeway covered by machine guns and artillery, and destroy the Axis forces in the area for the 8th Armoured to zoom by albeit suffering lots of casualties. The Panzer IV responsible for Wilson's death resides in the Grey Castle. The campaign ends with Sgt. Craft decorated for his actions in the Causeway: on the endnote, the cinematic also tells that he died in Operation Market Garden D-Day+6 at maas bridge, and he did similarly what he had done back in the Causeway, but the defenses there did hold out(Medal: clear crossroads of all German troops).
Images from the content : Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor : Game detail
Images from the content : Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor : Game detail
    * The Third Episode "Falaise Pocket" follows the SS Panzergrenadiers and Wehrmacht as they try to hold the Allies in the Falaise Pocket. The story follows a young German officer Sgt. Hess stationed in Trun. The episode opens with the B-17 Flying Fortresses providing heavy air cover to the ground forces bombing Chambois and Trun, the towns which are critical to the 7th Army's escape from the Falaise Pocket.

Trun: Swatting Flies

In episode 1 Sergeant Hess alerts the Luftwaffe commander Hauptmann Funke that Chambois has taken via radio chatter from the 9th Grenadier Regiment. Knowing that the Allies are coming, they prepare Flak 88's and other defenses to hold the town. Yet the panzer commander, Oberst Heinchlar, thinks otherwise, and tasks you to defend his panzers hidden in the shrubbery for a counter attack, until nightfall. So fighting against the vanguard of British and American forces and suffering many loses. Night has fallen and the Axis tanks make their way towards Chambois to destroy the allies.

City Under Siege

In episode 2 you will defend Trun against the successive wave of forces of the American forces. Holding desperately against all odds, the Germans managed to hold out, until an order from High Command ordered Funke to hold Trun until the 7th Army had fully evacuated the pocket. Funke reiterates by shooting the radio, and insists to leave Trun. Hess hesitates that they have to defend Trun for the Oberst's Panzers to retreat. Funke deserts, and Hess was promoted to Leutnant before the former left his comrades to die.
Images from the content : Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor : Game detail
The Exodus Begins

The Axis Panzers and vehicles failed in pushing back the Allies. In a cut scene you will see the remnants retreating back to Trun, with the Oberst's King Tiger had suffered tremendous damage.A Volksgrenadier hesitates at Hess' decision to hold Trun until all has been evacuated, but later decided to agree. By then, the Canadian forces from the British arm of the pocket arrives while being attacked by the brunt of the American forces, including many battalions of Rangers and a company of Pershing tanks, the remnants of the Oberst's Panzers are coming in from the North. As the 7th army escapes the pocket, the defenders retreat from Trun against a huge number of enemy forces. After all evacuees had escaped the pocket, Hess orders everyone to retreat, formally declaring that Trun has fallen. In the ending cinematic the defenders are plagued with sleepless nights of those who left behind who tried to escape. Yet their efforts help saved many more. Hess made an ending connotation, "May God have mercy for those who ran," referring to the actions of his superior Hauptmann Funke.

The reception of Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor was mixed. Many reviewers were confused as to what the game had to offer. Most of the reviewers appeared to brand the game good or average or decent and gave it a rating of around 70%. Citing that the game had some interesting features and game play modes, but only a short campaign and no new armies to command. Within the community, the mod was very poorly received as it was not adequately balance tested prior to release, and effectively reverted years of careful balance changes that had made CoH:OF's metagame fairly tame and playable.

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