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Wolfenstein (2009 video game) game demo

Wolfenstein (2009 video game)
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Title : Wolfenstein (2009 video game)
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Wolfenstein is a science fiction first-person shooter video game co-developed by Raven Software, id Software, Pi Studios and Endrant Studios and published by Activision. It is the sequel to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and uses the id Tech 4 engine. The game was released in North America on August 18, Australia on August 19 and Europe on August 21, in 2009.

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The story is set some time in 1943 after the failure of Operation Resurrection and project Ubersoldat B.J Blazkowicz has been sent by the OSA to sabotage the Nazi Kriegsmarine warship Tirpitz planning to fire on London. As he fights the Nazis, he comes across a medallion. The medallion ends up saving his life when it puts up a shield in front of him and manages to protect him from a hail of Nazi bullets. While he managed to fly away to safety and blow up the Nazi warship, he is very interested in the medallion. During a meeting in the OSA headquarters, he learns that the medallion needs crystals called Nachtsonne, found only in Isenstadt, to utilise its full power and that the leader of the excavation is a Nazi general named General Zetta. Blazkowicz is sent to Isenstadt undercover. However, it turns out that when he got there, a mysterious informant had told the Nazis he would be there, effectively blowing his cover. He meets up with agents from the Kreisau Circle, and with them, he battles through the train station and makes it to Isenstadt.
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In Isenstadt, he meets the Black Market Brothers, Stephan and Anton Kriege. They run the Black Market, the place where Blazkowicz can upgrade all of his weapons and powers with gold that he earns from missions, or finds scattered throughout the game. He also meets the leader of the Kreisau Circle, a former schoolteacher named Caroline Becker. Becker sends Blazkowicz onto a mission into the digsite, where he finds a young Russian named Sergei Kovlov. He also finds an exact copy of the medallion that he found on the Nazi warship, which Kovlov calls the Thule Medallion. Kovlov introduces Blazkowicz to the Golden Dawn, a group of scholars who specialize in the occult, led by Dr. Alexandrov. He also shows Blazkowicz how to use the Thule Medallion. With a crystal that Kovlov gives to him, he is able to enter the Veil, a barrier between his dimension, and a dimension known as the Black Sun. Using the Veil, he manages to escape. As B.J completes more missions, he gains new weapons and new powers for his Thule Medallion. Ultimately, he manages to kill General Zetta, who turns out to be a monster when Blazkowicz looks at him through the Veil. The Black Market, the Kreisau Circle, and the Golden Dawn all move out to a new location in Isensadt afterwards.

Shortly after the move, it turns out that Caroline Becker has been captured and is being held in a nearby castle. Blazkowicz helps the Kreisau Circle stage a rescue mission. When he finds Becker, it turns out that Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse is Zetta's replacement, and is dying for revenge after the events of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. During a struggle, Caroline is killed by Hans Grosse, Deathsheads's second in command.
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After Blazkowicz returns to Isenstadt, it turns out that Anton Kriege revealed himself as the mole, and Stephan ends up shooting him dead. Finally, Blazkowicz sneaks onboard a Zepplin after he finds out that a Nazi super weapon, powered by Black Sun energy, is getting ready to fire from it. On it, he finds out that Dr. Alexandrov is the mole, and he worked with Anton Kriege to tell the Nazis about him at the train station, and where they could capture Caroline Becker. Dr. Alexandrov is betrayed by Deathshead, and is shot dead by Hans Grosse. The two proceed to go into the Black Sun and prepare the weapon. Blazkowicz jumps in after them, and it turns out that Deathshead expected him coming, and took "certain precautions". It is revealed that Hans Grosse has donned a mech suit outfitted with two chainguns (recreating his earlier self from Wolfenstein 3D), and a Thule Medallion indentical to Blazkowicz's. Blazkowicz successfully kills Hans Grosse by jamming the Nachtsonne crystals from his medallion into Hans's, and crashes the Zepplin, effectively destroying all ways of accessing the Black Sun. Due to this, his Thule Medallion is rendered useless as well. Isenstadt is free from Nazi rule, and the Kreisau Circle has take over. Blazkowicz hopes that Deathshead was killed when the Zepplin crashed, but he has a feeling that he will see him again. Later, it turns out that Deathshead indeed survived, and is climbing out of rubble, then screaming into the air.


Wolfenstein is a story driven First Person Shooter. The story is told through cutscenes, scripted events, telegraph messages, and intelligence that the player finds scattered throughout the game. The game involves the main character, B.J Blazkowicz, going to a fictional German town called Isenstadt, which serves as "hub" for the player throughout the game. Isenstadt is where the player can get missions from two different groups, or upgrade their weapons and powers at the Black Market.
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There are a total of nine weapons, six real-life ones (grenades, the MP40, the Kar98k, the MP43, the Panzerschreck, and the Flammenwerfer) and three fictional ones (the Particle Cannon, the Tesla Gun, and the Leichenfaust 44). Mounted MG42s can be found throughout the game, and each one can be mounted by the player.

Aside from the weapons, the player also finds a medallion called the "Thule Medallion". With it, the player can get many abilities. The abilities are Veil Sight (the ability to see secrets, and, once upgraded, through walls), Mire (the ability to slow down time), Shield (the ability to throw up a shield that blocks, and, once upgraded, bounces back bullets), and Empower (the ability to significantly increase the damage of the player's weapons).

Every time the player activates the Medallion, the player enters a dimension called the "Veil", which is a barrier between this dimension and the fictional "Black Sun" dimension, the power source the Nazis want to master. Inside the Veil, the player can see specialized enemies called "Geists". Geists can be destroyed, and destroying them releases an energy burst which can kill or stun nearby enemies. Geists are usually passive, but if the player kills a Geist, other Geists can become angry and attack the player in a suicidal explosion.
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Various items can be collected throughout the game: Gold, Intelligence, and Tomes of Power. Gold is used as currency to buy various upgrades from the Black Market. Intelligence provides some background information about the story, and is used to unlock some of the upgrades for weapons. Tomes of Power are used to upgrade the Veil Powers.


Although the single-player and multiplayer versions of Wolfenstein are based on id Tech 4, both versions of the game use heavily modified versions of the engine. The player can select from three classes: Soldier, Medic, and Engineer. Each class has a certain role to fill, such as the medic being able to heal allies. Each class also has their own veil powers to help their role. All weapons are available from the start, with only upgrades needing to be unlocked. The game contains three multiplayer modes: Team Deathmatch, Objective, and Stopwatch. Team Deathmatch finds players fighting to gain a certain number of kills, Objective finds them trying to defend and attack targets, and in Stopwatch players must complete objectives in a set period of time.

On the day of Wolfenstein's release, the first PC patch was released to address several issues with the online multiplayer component. The multiplayer development studio, Endrant Studios, soon laid off some of its workforce after the completion of the development of Wolfenstein's multiplayer.

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